This section lists some possible frequent questions that may come to us in the near future.

1. What is the SEES Initiative?

We are a group of academics and graduate students seeking to inform anyone who may be interested in the quality of scientific articles of exercise interventions.

2. What does SEES stand for?

SEES stands for Strengthening the Evidence in Exercise Sciences.

3. What are the actions conducted by this Initiative?

We periodically search 10+ journals to identify specific study designs (randomized clinical trials and systematic review with meta-analysis). After our pre-assessment team finds newly published studies of interest, our assessment team carries out an independent methodological evaluation of the retrieved literature. Finally, our dissemination team publicizes the findings, informing both editors and authors about what we have found. We also make all our results and processes available on our website, for general public consultation.

4. Why are you doing this?

We have multiple motivations. Overall, we believe there is room for better scientific standards in our discipline. Further, although the issues in methodological and reporting practices are widely shown by meta-research studies, we reasoned that prospective surveillance would foster a culture of systematic critical appraisal and direct feedback. Finally, we want to raise awareness for the quality of reporting and research transparency because it would serve several stakeholders (readers, researchers, health professionals) and facilitate wiser interpretation regarding the generated evidence.

5. What is assessed in the selected publications?

Our assessment team measures the adherence to methodological and reporting items endorsed by current guidelines of both study designs of interest (RCTs and meta-analysis).

6. I disagree with your assessment of my article. What can I do?

Our process is a work in progress and we welcome feedback. If you disagree with any of our assessments, please contact us at the following e-mail address:

Please be as specific as possible regarding the item(s) that we should possibly correct. Whenever we correct anything, it will be clearly indicated at the study web page and study report.

7. Is there any channel to publicly reply to your assessments?

Our website does not contain a comment system at this point in time. We plan to implement it still in 2019.

8. Can I have access to the data?

Sure. The data is 100% public and all search files, data sets, and operational materials are accessible through our website.

9. How could I help?

Just fund us!  🙂

There are numerous ways to help us. We are constantly looking for collaborators who can join one of our current teams or help us with technology or advocacy skills. If you wish to collaborate, send us an email. You can also help us by spreading the word about our existence, sharing and endorsing our work so that the exercise field as a whole can benefit.

10. Who is funding SEES-initiative?

Currently, we have no dedicated funding. Our work is nested within our academic tasks and based on our willingness to understand and, if possible, improve our area of knowledge.